What Types of People Attend Fashion Design School?

Like any college, university, or technical school, people from all walks of life attend fashion design school. Economic status or personality type does not play a part. In fact, an individual who may have not been able to afford fashionable clothes, could have been the very one who was sketching clothing designs, making doll clothes, and perhaps later, even designing and sewing her own clothes.It is probably safe to say that people who choose fashion design as a career choice share some common characteristics, although they have their own ideas as to what constitutes fashion. A few of the similar ones are listed below. Take a look. Is there one that best describes you? Or is there something about you that sets you apart from your fellow classmates at your chosen fashion institute?People who have high levels of confidence and self-assurance. The fashion design world requires that you possess and show both qualities. You have to believe in your ideas and designs and be confident enough to display them, no matter what the reception or reaction may be. As you pursue your education, look for other students who exhibit these traits, study them, and work towards building your self esteem.You may also see someone in your fashion school class who definitely has the potential, but may need some help in the two areas listed above. Offer that person encouragement and help her find the confidence and self-assurance that you know she possesses. You will both benefit.People who like to “shake things up”. Fashion designers aren’t afraid to “think outside the box” and good fashion schools know this. For this reason, they encourage creative thinking. If the fashion institute you have chosen does not feel this way, consider it an opportunity to demonstrate just exactly how you can “shake things up” while, of course, keeping school policies in mind.People who like challenges. So, you’ve found yourself in a fashion college. You’ve already addressed your first challenge: getting in. Now, you’re ready to face the rest of the things that will come your way. People who enjoy challenges look for the more difficult path and find a way to succeed. They realize that many people will choose the easier path. That gives them an advantage. You’ll see people like this at fashion design school.People who care about other people. This may sound rather strange, but consider this. Many people, because of religious beliefs, physical constraints, or other reasons may be restricted in what they can wear, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t want to look fashionable. A fashion designer who realizes this may find that this is one area of fashion design they wish to concentrate on.Imagine the satisfaction that can be achieved when someone who was once unable to wear stylish clothing is finally able to sport a look that bolsters their self-confidence and self-esteem. Improving the way someone dresses and feels about themselves – now that’s having an impact!The types of people you’ll meet at fashion design school will be very interesting. The reason? No matter what type of personality you encounter, they will undoubtedly be a creative type. And it’s the creative people that drive the imagination of the world!

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Designing a New Home: Save Construction Costs by Using the System Approach to Home Design

Have you ever heard of a design described as “unrealized”? You know, that all too familiar description that fills many a volume of works by many famous, and not so famous, Architects and Designers. I would venture to say, that one of the primary, if not the primary reason, why these books are filled with unrealized designs is because someone didn’t realize there was a budget involved. Nobody point any fingers here. Everyone is to blame.Construction costs that do not include all actual costs before construction starts (these are the famous allowances that always come up and bite us in the… , well, you know where). Operating costs (called repairs and utility bills) that are not factored in ahead of time will also cause problems down the road. Mortgage and construction loan costs, fees, and other miscellaneous cost overruns will bring down a project faster than you can say, “that costs what?”. So, how do you avoid these common problems and control the budget… that is what we are actually talking about here. The answer is pretty simple, as is the application, but I think a lack of patience (or just plain laziness) is the biggest reason why follow through is sorely lacking. The short answer is you must maintain complete control of the project, from the start. This means starting with the design stage and continuing right through to the final inspection and C. of O. The explanation is called the System Approach.The System ApproachSo what is the System Approach, and why is it so important? The System Approach, used for home design, is so named because it follows the principle that the entire house is part of one giant system… made up of many other systems, made up of other smaller systems, which are made up of other individual components. In other words, everything in the house is somehow connected and thus influenced by every decision you make… kind of a Domino Effect if you will.If you compared a house to a car, you could say that a car is made up of the same type of systems, within systems, made up of individual components as well. As an example, a car is made up of many systems such as electrical, comfort, frame, power, and so on. A house has its own set of systems. A house is put together by interacting the structural, mechanical, esthetic systems and more. All of these systems depend on each other to make the overall system function properly. In the case of a car, you could have the most efficient fuel system in the world. Your car can get over 60 miles per gallon, but if the electrical system stinks, how good is the fuel system? In a house, if the HVAC system is the most energy efficient system known to man (or woman), but the shell of the house “leaks like a sieve”, what good is the HVAC system?All of the systems depend on each other because they all interact with each other. For those that truly understand this, there is an opportunity to enhance the efficiency of all the systems… including the effect on the cost effectiveness of the decisions as to which system or component you choose to use. In future articles I will elaborate and show examples of how this works. For now, it is important to understand the concept.Since everything is intertwined in the house, this means that every decision not made before you break ground will also influence all of the decisions you have made. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to make these decisions early in the design process. This also means, that even though you may make a decision to choose a more expensive option, that decision may actually be the most cost effective choice in the long run since the effect it may have on other systems could in fact drive the cost of those other systems down. This concept becomes very important when discussing some of the hybrid Energy Efficient systems now available. I have shown my clients you if you don’t build an energy efficient home you will lose money from the day you move in. There is no “payback” period like in the early days of solar design.

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Easy to Do Home Design and Decor

Whether you have just bought your first starter home or have upgraded to your dream house, the overall design of the home as well as the decor can be the single greatest way to showcase your personal sense of style and taste. Designing a home and choosing decor can be an expensive and time consuming proposition; however, for those on a shoe-string budget, it is still possible to create the look you want without breaking the bank. Making a few wise decisions early on and sticking with your plan will help ensure your complete your home makeover on budget whether that budget is $100 per room or $5,000.00 per room.Creating an overall plan is the first step towards a unified home design. Utilizing your own tastes, decorating magazines and books and some of the excellent home decor television shows, think about what you would like to showcase. Determine what your overall decor theme will be. Are you contemporary or traditional? Do your taste lean towards fussy or minimalism? These answers can serve as a jumping off point as you begin to design your home.One of the easiest ways to begin working on your overall home design or even a simple redecorating project is to develop a plan and there is no better way to do so than by using simple software designed to help you move from layout and color palette to accents and furniture pieces seamlessly. The HGTV Home Design and Remodeling Suite is fully loaded with features that make remodeling even the fussiest of rooms easy. The software can help you utilize the tricks of the professionals to create floor plans complete with style notes, color choices and even furniture.The software eliminates paint chips with its library of brand name paints and tints. Browse through the library, select your ideal color and ‘paint’ the walls of your three dimensional room. No more picking a paint color based on a 1 inch square chip. The software also includes a full library of three dimensional furniture pieces, allowing you to design spaces that fit your existing pieces or help you determine what size and shape furniture you should be looking to purchase.For those looking to redo their bathrooms or kitchen, the software even has an extensive library of cabinets, appliances and floor selections. This allows you to complete ‘see’ your new room without spending a dime on the expensive appliances and cabinets. It is easy to create the perfect room and even easier to stick to a budget when you are utilizing a well developed floor plan and style guide.Professional designers are talented. They will often offer you a computerized presentation of your ‘new’ home or d├ęcor. With budgets as tight as they are, why spend the money on a professional designer when you have the ability to do it all yourself. Take a quick tour through the library of colors, furnishings, doors and windows and design the room of your dreams.

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