Have You Ever Heard About Link Popularity?

If you aim to be successful in the Internet, or if you want to use the Internet to reach a goal, you have to be aware and in full understanding of the term link popularity. This term pertains to a website’s connection to other sites. For instance, if your website has links to other sites and if it is being used by others to post their URL, then you are a winner. The reason for this is that the more popular a website is, the more worthy it is to be linked to others.It differs from Google PageRank in such a way that it gauges a different thing. PageRank is part and parcel of link popularity, but it is not as comprehensive and as reliable as link popularity. Link popularity indicates that a website is of high quality, in the sense that even other sites recognize this and so uses it to post their URLs in it. Do not confuse Google PageRank with link popularity.So how does this work? Let’s take an example. Website A links to Website B. The clickable link in Website A would then help increase the popularity of Website B. The key to achieving successful links is to choose websites that are related to yours. For example, if you want to build your popularity as a photographer, post links to websites that deal with the subject, not in other more popular sites that have otherwise no connection to you whatsoever.Generally, however, you do not have to worry much about link popularity. Even though you would get a lot of advantages in just keeping it in your mind and considering on working on it, it would not make a very big impact on your site. The key to achieving popularity in the Internet would greatly depend on the quality of its content. Of course, the more popular ones would be the most useful, so work on that area.If you really want to take a shot at link building, the best thing for you to do is to also actively look for websites that have a lot of links in it. You can build your reputation by connecting to other existing sites.

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